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lords_of_swords is a shared fiction real person slash AU. It is not exactly like an RPG. There are no rules, no regulations, no demands you have to meet. The journal is a shared community for posting fiction creating within the realm of the AU, as well as for the admins posting various tidbits that might help you along.

Claiming characters:
Since this is not an RPG, you do not have to have a pup journals. All you need to do is tell the mods whose face you'd like to claim for your character. We will post a claimed list as it develops. Post your scene or fic to the community and in the title bar just state the characters involved.

Definition of an AU and the concept of Historical accuracy: (Provided by linden_jay )
An AU means happily embracing the fact that we're throwing history over a bench and buggering it merrily. This is for fun. If you want to be true and accurate to the time, that is wonderful, but if not – have a blast.

Sex note:
(And speaking of buggery) This is a real-person slash AU, including but not limited to same sex fuckery. 18A (Adult in content) will be the norm.


AU Country of Eitak

A beautiful land, a gentle people. .

The Western Lands

Amhrânai people of the Mulani Wesh


Disclaimer: None of the events portrayed on lords_of_swords (hereafter referred to as "this live journal site") or the content here within are true. None of the events described on this live journal site actually took place. None of the people in the works of fiction posted to the live journal site actually said or did any of these things. By accessing this live journal site, you agree not to threaten, harass, take legal action against, coerce, make demands or requests of, or force signatures or other legal contracts with the operator of this live journal site no matter what the reason, even if you feel you have legal right. You agree not to hold the operator of this live journal site liable for anything you find on this site. The operator of this live journal site does not knowingly intend or attempt to offend or violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of any entity. This is a fan-operated site and the operators are not compensated for any portion of this live journal site in any way. This live journal site may contain material inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18. These terms are in effect throughout the entire live journal site known as lords_of_swords and includes all content.

Celebrity faces claimed.
All LOTR pups available if not shown on the claimed list. Other celebrity pups available upon approval only.
At this time only three pups per Mun, please.
Any NPC's are required to be non-celebrity names/faces.
Pup journals are not required.

Rutger Hauer - Taken
Michelle Pfeiffer - Taken
Orlando Bloom – Bio
Elijah Wood – Bio
Viggo Mortensen – Bio
Karl Urban – Bio
Harry Sinclair – Taken
Ioan Gruffudd – Bio
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Bio
Mads Mikkelsen – Bio
Marton Csokas – Taken
Sean Bean - Taken
Nicole Kidman - Bio
Milla Jovovich - Bio
Joaquin Phoenix - Bio

Email Jess with any questions or claim requests: darknight999@gmail.com