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Lords of Swords

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linden_jay @ 01:14 am: Karl, Harry and Marton. Linked.
Harry shivered again, rising slowly, trying to hold onto both men at once, refusing to be far from either of them as they walked back inside.

Karl just managed to hold on to Harry as they reached the bed. He pulled the covers back, than both him and Marton slowly undressed Harry.

Harry's eyelashes fluttered, breath rasping in his chest at the sudden realization that there were four- four hands tracing over his body, stripping him naked.

Marton smiled at Karl, than leaned to kiss Harry's shoulder, trailing up his neck.

Karl moved to Harry's other side, licking his ear and neck.

Harry moaned, leaning into one touch and then the other, trembling under their attention.

The two men pressed as tight as they could against Harry, their hands and mouths roaming over him. Karl shivered against Harry, moaning softly as Marton gently bit Harry's neck.

Karl's shiver sent a shudder through Harry, his lips parting, soft sounds of pleasure issuing from his lips, his hands fluttering at his sides, uncertain what to do.

Marton stepped back. "Undress our Karl, my Harry." He whispered in his ear. He moved backwards to find the vial of oil, keeping his eyes on them.

Harry nodded slowly, reaching his trembling hands up and tracing them down Karl's cheeks, down his neck, then lower, removing his shirt and murmuring in appreciation, running his fingers across Karl's chest, unable to resist pausing to play with his nipple.

Karl's moan at Harry's hands turned into a hiss as he leaned into the tormenting touch at his nipple. His own hands fumbled with his pants, trying unsuccessfully to take them off.

"Shhhh," Harry murmured, gently moving his hands away and unfastening Karl's pants, sliding them easily over his hips and smiling as they dropped to the floor, grateful that he'd kicked his boots off as they came in the door.

Karl's eyes were half closed as he watched Harry. He slowly leaned forward, kissing him deeply as he moved against him. His hands came up to cup Harry's face and hold him in the kiss.

Harry moaned into the kiss, brushing up against Karl and leaning into the touch against his cheek, the smell of Karl, already so familiar to him, filling his senses.

Marton came back up to them. Waiting til they were forced to break away, he gently moved Karl onto the bed, soothing his soft protest at being taken from Harry. He laid Karl out in the middle of the bed, than moved behind Harry, slowly undressing him.

Harry whimpered as Karl moved away, leaning into Marton's touches, keeping his eyes on Karl, licking his lips compulsively. "Look- our Karl," he murmured, his voice low. "Look, Marton. He is beautiful."

Karl blushed, turning his head so his hair covered his face.

"He certainly is, my Harry. Our Karl is very beautiful. And how nicely he blushes."

Karl squirmed more, blushing harder.

"I love to watch him move like that- writhing against the bed. Do you realize that we have never lain with each other in a proper bed, Karl?"

"Didn't have one nearby." Karl's voice was husky. "First time inside." His hands moved down his body, whimpering.

"Beautiful. Ohhhh," Harry whispered, leaning more against Marton, and watching Karl's hands move, his own hand drifting over his thigh, almost unconsciously.

Marton finished undressing Harry, than put the vial in his hand. With a smile, he whispered in his ear. "Do not move yet." He quickly went to Karl's pack, finding the magicked rope. He returned, holding it out to Karl.

Karl moaned, nodding as he took the rope. A few whispered words and he was tied spread eagle to the bed, pulling against them.

Harry shuddered, his hand tightening painfully around the vial of oil, cock throbbing at the sight of Karl bound.

Marton undressed himself, than kissed Harry's neck. "Go to him. Touch him."

Harry turned around, beaming at Marton and kissing him, then crawled across the bed, running his fingers up the front of Karl's thighs, over his hips and up his chest, teasing at both nipples this time.

Karl arched up against Harry's hands, his eyes closing as his head went back. He bit his lip, moaning and whimpering.

Marton moved behind Harry, lightly kissing his back and neck.

Harry arched up, pressing against Marton, his fingers pinching hard against Karl's nipples, nails scratching gently against his skin, leaning down and licking against his lips, then pulling back and against Marton again.

Karl cried out, pulling harder on the ropes. "Please, more. Harry please." His body leaned into each spot Harry touched.

Smiling, Harry leaned down, his mouth going over the areas his fingers just had, nipping, biting, licking at his skin.

Marton looked over Harry's shoulder at Karl, smiling as he moved to run his hands along Harry's chest, mimicking what had just been done to Karl.

Harry gasped, his breath hot against Karl's damp skin, rolling his hips instinctively at the touch.

Karl struggled to grind up against Harry, his eyes rolling in their sockets. "Please? Please?

Marton moved slowly down Harry's back, slicking up a finger on each hand, than thrusting them deep inside his two loves at the same time.

Pushing back hard against the finger, Harry cried out, not expecting the intrusion, then moaned, pulsing his hips, wanting more, tongue darting against Karl's chest.

Karl's cry echoed Harry's as he tried to open himself wider. His cock was leaking precum, the slightest touch against it making him gasp. He tightened around Marton's finger, wanting still more.

Harry started murmuring Marton's name, then Karl's, alternating between his lovers, moving his hips in a circle, pressing against Marton's finger, then rubbing against Karl's cock, panting for breath.

Marton closed his eyes, shuddering as he felt them. Than, with a smile, he pressed hard against their sweet spots at the same time.

"Marton!" Harry screamed, arching his back and throwing his head back, spreading his legs and lifting his ass higher, begging for more.

Karl screamed, thrashing around. His hips bucked up against Harry, his head going from side to side

"Karl!" Harry cried this time as their cocks brushed together, thrusting back against Marton again, then leaning down for a hard kiss.

Karl sucked Harry's tongue greedily in his mouth, trying to relieve some of the pressure growing inside him as his body continued to move on it's own.

Harry plundered Karl's mouth, pulsing around Marton's finger, moaning at the feeling of being between his two lovers.

Marton continued to finger fuck them both, trying to go deeper and deeper. Slowly he worked a second finger into each.

Breaking the kiss, Harry breathed out a long "Yes!" as Marton's second finger slid inside him, panting for air and writhing against Karl.

Karl was near insane with want. Whimpers and moans were the best he could manage, his vision blurring as he felt himself opened more.

Harry babbled nonsensically, his lovers names alternating curses, pleas for more, threats if the pleas were not heeded, his breath coming quickly..

Marton slowly withdrew his fingers. "Now, my Harry. Inside our Karl."

Harry's eyes snapped open, growling as he thrust inside Karl with one snap of his hips, his entire body shuddering as he felt himself sink inside his lover.

Karl screamed louder, his eyes flying open as he thrust back against Harry. He pulled tighter on the ropes, arching up against his lover. He licked at his lips, only sounds coming from him.

Harry groaned, the sound of Karl's scream urging him on, speeding up almost without realizing it, kissing him with every thrust, then pulling away again.

Marton quickly prepared himself, than moved closer to Harry. Timing it just right, he entered Harry just as he pushed deep into Karl.

Karl screamed louder, the added pressure sending lights thru his vision. Sweat stood out on his face and body.

Harry's scream echoed Karl's, fighting not to come in that instant, the sensation of being inside Karl at the same time Marton was inside him almost overwhelming his senses.

Marton set a hard fast pace, knowing Harry would have no choice but to follow. He pressed Harry more against Karl, adding to the friction on his cock.

Karl was soon babbling, his voice becoming ragged as he kept crying out. He managed to thrust back, but was mostly only to just let them have their way with him.

Harry conceded control to Marton, letting himself be rocked between them, 'though adding a little bit extra with each thrust inside Karl, loving the sounds coming from him, the feel of his cock leaking against Harry's stomach.

Karl's control was failing him. He tried to warn his loves, but was past speaking and would soon be beyond thought. He squeezed around Harry, hoping to somehow signal to him.

Harry gasped as he felt Karl tighten around him. "Marton!" he cried, trying to hurry the pace, knowing he didn't have much longer.

Marton increased the pace even more, his hands tight on Harry's hips as he drove into him. He silently counted to ten in his head, than roared as his release overcame him.

Cursing again, Harry lost it completely as Marton roared, thrusting one last time into Karl and coming hard, spilling deep inside him, then working his hand in between him, fisting him hard, forcing his eyes open and staring into Karl's.

Karl fought for enough air to scream again. His breath caught in his throat, than he did scream as he came over Harry's hand. His eyes rolled back, body going limp. Muscles twitched as he laid there dazed.

Harry mumbled softly under his breath, collapsed on top of Karl, hardly able to move or breathe, and not particularly bothered if he ever did again or not.

Marton moved off of Harry, murmuring to them both as he lay next to them. He took in the sight of them, pushing back the hair from their faces. "Beautiful."

"Mmmm," Harry leaned into the touch, then kissed Karl, a sated smile on his face. "He is."

"You." Karl mumbled out the word to release the ropes, but was unable to move his body. His breathing was still harsh, but slowly calming down.

"Mmm," Harry murmured again, too happy to argue much. "Thank you. Both - thank you."

Marton smiled. "Rest my loves. There is no need to move. We are here with each other." He kissed them both. "The first of many times."

A fleeting smile passed over Harry's face as he fell suddenly asleep with a happy sigh.

Karl looked at Marton, trying to focus on him. "Each other?" He whispered.

"Each other. Forever. I will make sure of it, Karl. Rest now. We will have our Harry."

"Our Harry. Ours." Karl slowly faded.

Harry reacted slightly to the sound of his name, then drifted deeper.

"Ours." Marton pulled the covers up over them, settling to watch their sleep before he too was gone.

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