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Lords of Swords

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July 17th, 2010

prima_nocte @ 12:17 pm: Elijah the blacksmith

Elijah swung the hammer, working the steel of the armor. He used the tongs, holding it over the flame until it heated red again and then he began to curve it, the vision of Mads strong chest as a pattern in his mind.

king_rutger @ 12:12 pm: King Rutger

Drawing in a breath the king looked up at the portrait of his queen. He smiled. “Good night Miche,” he said softly, reaching to blow out the flame of the lamp. From the shadows of the room, in a whisper soft voice he heard the reply. “Good night Rutty, my husband, my king….”

April 17th, 2006

linden_jay @ 01:14 am: Karl, Harry and Marton. Linked.
Harry shivered again, rising slowly, trying to hold onto both men at once, refusing to be far from either of them as they walked back inside.

Karl just managed to hold on to Harry as they reached the bed. He pulled the covers back, than both him and Marton slowly undressed Harry.

Harry's eyelashes fluttered, breath rasping in his chest at the sudden realization that there were four- *four* hands tracing over his body, stripping him naked. Collapse )

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December 10th, 2005

linden_jay @ 04:02 pm: Harry, Karl and Marton. Defend yourself.
"Harry! Where are you going? Again?" Karl's eyes narrowed as he walked to the stables.

Harry froze, cursing mentally. "To see Rakl and my lady?"

"With your weapons?"

"Anything could happen between the house and the stables. It is best to be prepared."

HARRY!Collapse )

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September 20th, 2005

linden_jay @ 03:32 pm: Karl, Marton, Harry. Wake up.
Karl woke up, frowning into the darkness of the room. He yawned as he sat up, looking from Harry to Marton.

Marton checked the sky again, smiling at Karl. "You are early."

"You were to wake me," Karl frowned deeper.

"I promised. I promised you the same three hours you gave me."

Karl opened his mouth, than closed it. ''A point.''Collapse )

Previous chapters archived here.

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September 13th, 2005

prima_nocte @ 09:02 pm: Orly and Viggo
After meeting the king here.

Orly and Viggo spend time alone

September 6th, 2005

linden_jay @ 05:13 pm: Harry, Karl, Marton. The child within.
Hours later, Harry's eyes opened blearily, trying to focus on the man next to his bed. ''Who is there?''Collapse )

Previous chapters archived here.

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